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What we offer our concrete driveway customers:

Beautiful driveways for every budget, specializing in residential concrete in Madison WI. We do everything from traditional broom finish to decorative stamp concrete and exposed aggregate driveways. A concrete driveway can really change the vibe of your home whether it is classic slab, colored, stamped, exposed aggregate or decorative. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your journey and still in the research phase and wondering what your options are for a new driveway.

Different materials & options for concrete driveway installation:

There are a few different building materials used to create driveways. Some other alternatives to concrete are gravel, asphalt, cobblestones, concrete pavers and bricks. Concrete slabs are incredibly strong, require very little maintenance and although a bit more expensive than asphalt or gravel- it will outlast them all. When the average person thinks about concrete, they typically aren’t thinking it is very exciting. People love to talk about kitchen remodeling or even landscaping- but for some reason concrete driveways are not a hot topic. We want to show you how beautiful a concrete project can be!

Decorative concrete, colored, stamped:

Adding color and stamping to a concrete driveway can transform a dull slab into a work of art! There are so many incredible options to choose from- let your imagination run wild! Some favorite colors for concrete are terracotta, rich sandy beige, and other robust earth tones. These darker colors can hide dirt and grime and add amazing depth and sophistication to your homes exterior aesthetic. We want you to be an informed buyer- because education is power. The more you understand about your options, the better prepared you will be to make the best decision for your needs. At Madison Concrete we want you to love your results- so here is some information to help you gain clarity on why concrete is the best choice for your new driveway! 

How concrete driveways are made?

Concrete is a composite material that is made up of a few different types of stone aggregate and is held together with a mixture of water and a lime-base binder like Portland cement. Cement itself is a pulverized powder made from limestone and clay. The aggregate can be different sizes within the concrete mixture- depending on what the concrete is for. Anything from gravel-sized aggregate to fine sands can be used, ultimately creating a completely different texture. Most driveway slabs and sidewalks use a mixture of aggregate ranging from sand-sized particles to chunky gravel size. Concrete can be shaped into whatever form desired but hardens as the concrete cures. Although it will be firm enough to drive on within a few days- it will continue to harden for many months. To give your concrete driveway more strength reinforcement wire or rebar is placed within the concrete slab. There are other additives that can be mixed in to achieve various results, such as to slow drying time (in very hot temperatures).

Questions to ask yourself about concrete:

Installing a new concrete driveway is a big project with many steps. First the area must be cleared- do you need an existing driveway ripped out? Is there vegetation or tree stumps that need to be removed? A solid foundation is key to a concrete driveway that will stand the test of time and last you anywhere from 30-50 years if installed and taken care of properly. If you desire decorative, colored or stamped elements- that is done in the finishing stage after the surface is smoothed and floated. Typically a driveway will take about 3 days from start to finish but is definitely a job better left to the professionals! Since the curing (hardening) stage is very important, please be aware that ideal curing conditions are weather around 70 degrees, damp surface, not too cold and not too hot.

Our goal :

Is to elevate your home to the next level, and a brand-new driveway is one of the most impactful ways to transform your home and make a dazzling first impression. Our concrete projects are always done with top quality materials, ensuring you get a premium product. We strive to deliver impeccable service in the Madison area, serving a large radius of about 25 miles surrounding the city. We love Wisconsin- and take pride in playing a part in making our streets look fresh, clean and taken care of! If you’ve read this far- congrats! You’ve just learned a lot about concrete driveways. Looking forward to your call to plan your next hardscape project. Learn more about our company!