concrete patio madison wi

stamped concrete madison wi

Deciding to install a concrete patio in your front or back yard is such an exciting undertaking! There is is nothing more magical that sitting outside on a beautiful Wisconsin summer afternoon on a gorgeous stamped and colored patio! Contact us for a free fast quote!

A backyard can be completely transformed from a grassy hole, to a stunning and luxurious oasis! We are delighted to provide you with many options for creating the patio of your dreams. Patios can be made with stone slabs, concrete, bricks, tiles, cobble stones, block paving and gravel. We can assure you that for price and durability concrete is the clear winner! If color, stamping and other decorative elements aren’t your cup of joe- a classic slab is equally as fabulous. Concrete patios are incredibly resilient and when added as an upgrade to an older home, can really increase curb appeal. There are many options when planning your new patio! Stamped concrete is a technique that creates texture and color to a concrete slab to make it look like another medium such as: stone, cobblestone, slate, brick, wood etc. This is a great option if you love the look of these natural materials but would like a less expensive alternative. Another bonus of doing stamped concrete to replicate a natural material such as wood- is that the concrete version will last longer! Learn more about our company!

Another incredible option for your new concrete patio- is to add color! This is achieved by using products such as color hardeners, powder or liquid releases, integral colors, acid stains or dry shakes. These products can also be used to create very intricate designs- not just solid colors.

You can utilize these techniques (stamped and colored concrete) on driveways, patios, and even interior flooring such as a kitchen or basement! One thing to be aware of is that stamped concrete will need a touch up as the surface wears down and becomes a bit faded. Luckily there are many options to breathe life back into your color and make it new again. These modern techniques can even be used for concrete countertops to create something unique rather than using expensive stone like granite.

Another interesting technique for adding color is using an acid-stain. This is different than regular pigment because it involves a chemical reaction. That happens within the concrete over 1-4 hours. Acid staining creates an interesting pattern due to the inconsistencies in the surface of the material that makes the finished product completely unique. Something to note- very old concrete, or exposed rocks will not accept staining.

Another option for color is using water-based stain. The main difference between water and acid-based in that water-based stains coat the surface of the concrete vs acid-based which penetrate deep into the concrete and change the actual makeup of the concrete.