concrete sidewalks madison wi

concrete sidewalk installation madison wi

Replacing an existing concrete sidewalk in the front or back of your home is a great way to upgrade your home’s exterior. Perhaps you are building a new home and need a brand spanking new sidewalk. Either way- Madison Concrete Contractors can create the sidewalk you are looking for! Contact us!

The first sidewalk was found in San Francisco in 1860! Concrete in general has a very interesting history. Sidewalks are created using poured concrete ribbon. There are many different techniques used during sidewalk construction to deal with cracking due to weather fluctuations. Tree roots and other biological material can also disrupt the concrete sidewalk causing it to buckle and crack. 
The primary purpose of a sidewalk is to create a pedestrian path to allow people to walk alongside the street. A side walk ususally has a curb (or Kerb in other places outside N.America)
Sidewalks can be made of a variety of materials from cobblestone to concrete pavers to poured concrete and more! Learn more about our other services, and how getting more concrete work done can enhance your sidewalk. An excellent area to upgrade is your driveway!
A sidewalk is typically replaced in front of one’s abode, to further enhance curb appeal. When planning to install a brand new driveway- please don’t forget about the importance of replacing or repairing your sidewalk, stoop and steps! If you only fix one problem- the remaining problems (or proverbial “eye sores”) will outshine the new hardscape addition to your home. You may as well go for gold and give your home the upgrade it (and you) deserve!
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